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Dozens of charts like these appear in every issue of 
Ian McAvity's
Deliberations on World Markets

At much less than 50 a chart, it's an economical way to see our charts.

Even more important, you get to read Ian's analysis of the world's markets. 
There's no substitute for experience and wisdom, and Ian has written Deliberations for over 30 years.

"Ian explains clearly how he reaches his conclusions.
Deliberations got me interested in technical analysis,
when I first started reading it around 1978. 
There's a lot more to TA than what's in books,
and Ian's writings let me see the process in action.

The great bull market in stocks attracted a wave of new
investors. Many are confused by the post-2000 markets,
and they call here. I always recommend Deliberations!"

John Carder, CMT
Topline Investment Graphics

Three Bubbles
charts comparing the current NASDAQ to the 1929 DJIA and the 1989 Nikkei.

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At Topline, we draw charts, lots of charts. We have access to millions of data series. Some customers use our charts to help make investment decisions (e.g., portfolio managers and individual investors). Some customers use our charts to help them to explain their investment ideas (e.g., newsletter editors and investor relations officers).

We draw custom charts to order.

If you need a simple chart of copper prices during the Great Depression to help you make an investment decision, Topline can draw it. If your company needs a complex 35mm slide presentation for your next financing, Topline can create it.

What's Hot

You can see some current examples at our Hot Charts page, where we showcase some of the best ideas we see.

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For the curious, there are numerous sample charts available on our Free Samples page.

We publish the
Topline Encyclopedia of Historical Charts.

Currently on hiatus,
June 1998 edition available.

This one-of-a-kind collection of 360 charts covers virtually every financial and market area, and includes historical pricing information as far back as 1875, and as current as the end of the most recent calendar quarter. Read John Sweeney's review from Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities (March '97).

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PO Box 2340, Boulder, CO 80306-2340 USA
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use programs called spiders to crawl the web collecting email addresses. I receive thousands of those "irresistible offers" every week, because the spiders harvested my old email address from this website. Luckily, those programs don't seem to be able to do much more than harvest from the HTML. They can't look at a picture (especially a slightly distorted picture, like the one above), and read it.

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