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Unusual Perspectives
At Topline, we've been creating custom charts for portfolio managers, individual clients and leading publications since 1988. Our customers are constantly exposing us to new ways of looking at markets. For example, Jim Bianco (Arbor Trading) wanted to put the value of the stock market into perspective, so he asked us to draw the ratio of the total market capitalization of U.S. stocks to the U.S. GDP. Alan Abelson has run this chart several times in his column in Barron's.

The charts in the Encyclopedia will give you a unique perspective on the world's markets.

Covers almost all markets
Volumes in the Encyclopedia cover stocks and bonds in the U.S. and abroad, commodities, precious metals, inflation, economic indicators, foreign exchange, demographics, etc. If it trades in a market, we've tried to cover it. If you have a suggestion for a new volume please send it to encyclopedia@topline-charts.com.
Meaningful Comparisons
Only the right chart is worth 1,000 words. At Topline, we've been drawing custom charts since 1988. We've learned how to draw charts that show the message contained in the data. For example, chart V10l shows the Lehman Brothers Long-Term Treasury Index (in U.S. Dollars, German Marks, Japanese „en and British Pounds) on a Comparable Log Scale chart. This chart allows you to compare the perspectives of the four largest groups of investors in U.S. Treasury bonds directly.
Histories as far back as 1875
History is a resource. You can ignore it or you can use it to your advantage in your investment decisions. How many times have you heard or read that real interest rates usually are around 3%? If you look at the long term histories presented in Volume 15 – Inflation Adjusted, you'll see that throughout the 1960s, real yields did hover around 3%. Many have argued that this is a natural equilibrium point for real bond yields. Viewed in the context of over eighty years of data, the stability of the 1960s appears to be the exception, rather than the rule.
Economical – pick only the volumes you want
The Encyclopedia has grown to thirty volumes (360 charts). As custom charts, the charts in the Encyclopedia would cost from $20 to $80 each. You can order all thirty volumes (best value – only 69ą a chart), or if you don't have need of certain volumes, you can select any ten volumes, or even sample three volumes.
Explanation pages
Each volume ships with explanatory notes for every chart in that volume. These cite data sources and help explain what's on the chart.
Index and Table of Contents
Every order ships with a comprehensive index and table of contents for the entire Encyclopedia. These help you to quickly locate the charts that you need to make an informed investment decision.
Three ring binders with mylar reinforced pre-printed dividers
Orders of ten or more volumes ship with three ring binders with mylar reinforced pre-printed dividers. These high-quality D-ring binders protect your Encyclopedia. The durable dividers allow for quick and easy access to your charts.

We're sorry, but we cannot include binders and dividers in three volume trial orders.

Paper – a High-Bandwidth Medium
A single paper chart has the capacity to contain sixty three SVGA screens. When you look at a chart on your screen you're only seeing a tiny fraction of the information that's contained on a high quality paper chart.
Printed on 80 pound paper
All of the charts and explanation pages of the Encyclopedia are printed on high quality 80 lb. paper (typical copy paper is 20 lb.). This means that your charts will stand up to repeated use.
No Royalty Fees
As a purchaser of Topline charts, you are granted a license to make as many copies of these copyrighted charts as you would like. Use them in your presentations, reports, etc. All that we ask is that our copyright notice be legible on every copy.

Topline Encyclopedia of Historical Charts

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