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Volume 4 – Advisory Sentiment

Investors Intelligence surveys independant stock market newsletters, classifying them as bulls, bears and correction. Volume 4 shows two indexes -- the raw Percent Bears and Bears as a Percent of Bulls Plus Bears. Volume 4 contains twelve two-panel charts showing six snapshots of five years each of both diffusion indexes. The top panel of each chart shows the daily NYSE Composite.

Time Frames in Volume 4

Date Range Percent
as a percent of
(Bulls plus Bears)
1968-72 a g
1973-77 b h
1978-82 c i
1983-87 d j
1988-92 e k
1993-97 f l

These are all two panel landscape charts.
The lower panels all have an arithmetic scale running from zero to one hundred.

The top line shows the daily NYSE Composite Average on a logarithmic price scale.

The bottom line shows Bears expressed as a percentage of Bulls plus Bears (Advisory Sentiment from Chartcraft).

This is a 3kb thumbnail!
It would take
over sixty full SVGA screens to show the detail on one Topline chart.

The real charts look much better than these thumbnails.

Adobe Acrobat PDF file (48kb)
This file is a 600 dot per inch rendering of the June 1997 V04h chart (thumbnail above). The actual charts have the edition and chart number printed in the margin (between the holes for the three ring binder).

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You will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader, it's a free download from Adobe.

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