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Volume 9 – A Different Look at Stocks

This volume shows a dozen unconventional views of the U.S. Stock market.

NYSE Seat Price (high/low bar chart, in thousands of US$), annual, 1875
Total Market Capitalization (NYSE), monthly, 1924
Total Market Capitalization (NYSE) as a percent of GDP, quarterly, 1924
Dow Jones Industrials / GDP ratio, quarterly, 1900
Adjusted On-Balance Volume (Dow Jones Industrials), daily, 1970
Moody's Aaa Bond Yield / S&P 500 Dividend Yield ratio, weekly, 1928
NASDAQ volume / NYSE volume with 50 and 200 day moving averages, daily, 1978
S&P 500 with 3% and 6% Dividend Yield Bands, weekly, 1928
DJIA (in British Pounds), weekly, 1950
DJIA (in German Marks), weekly, 1950
DJIA (in Japanese ¥en), weekly, 1950
DJIA (in Swiss Francs), weekly, 1950
The DJIA OBV is adjusted for the overall growth in volume of the DJIA.

These are all one panel, landscape charts. All but the DJIA OBV are drawn on logarithmic price scales.

Chart V09f, Moody's Aaa Bond Yield / S&P 500 Dividend Yield Ratio, June 1997 Issue, 9kb

This chart (V09f from the June 1997 issue) shows the ratio of bond yields to stock yields, drawn on a logarithmic scale.

This is a 9kb thumbnail!
It would take
over sixty full SVGA screens to show the detail on one Topline chart.

The real charts look much better than these thumbnails.

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