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Volume 10 – U.S. Interest Rates

Totally Revised
June 1997

Moody’s Aaa Bond Price, weekly, 1875
Municipal Bond Yields, weekly, 1919
Dow Jones 20 Bond Average, weekly, 1915
These three are one panel, landscape charts with logarithmic scales.

Moody’s Baa Bond Yields, Moody’s Aaa Bond Yields and their Spread, weekly, 1919
Commercial Paper Rate, Moody’s Aaa Bond Yields and their Spread, weekly, 1875
Average Call Loan Rate, Commercial Paper Rate and Federal Funds Rate, weekly, 1875
Prime Rate, Federal Reserve Discount Rate and their Spread, weekly, 1914
These three are one panel, portrait charts. The yields have logarithmic scales, while the spreads have arithmetic scales.
Note: not all of the series exist for the entire period drawn on a chart, at least one does.

U.S. Treasury Constant Maturities (3 year, 5 year and 10 year), weekly, 1941
This is a portrait Comparable Log Scale chart. The yields have logarithmic scales.

U.S. Treasury Constant Maturity Yields: 30 Year, 10 Year, 2 Year and 3 Month, daily, 1977
This is a four panel, portrait chart with arithmetic scales. The next two charts show all the spreads of these four yields.

U.S. Treasury Yield Spreads: 30 Year - 10 Year, 30 Year - 2 Year, 30 Year - 3 Month, daily, 1977
U.S. Treasury Yield Spreads: 10 Year - 2 Year, 10 Year - 3 Month, 2 Year - 3 month, daily, 1977
These are three panel, portrait charts with arithmetic scales.

Lehman Brothers Long-Term Treasury Index (in U.S. Dollars, German Marks, Japanese ¥en and British Pounds), daily, 1986
This is a portrait Comparable Log Scale chart, that allows you to compare the perspectives of the four largest groups of investors in U.S. Treasury bonds directly.

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