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Volume 11 – Currencies

All of these currencies are expressed in U.S. Dollar terms.

Starting with the June 1997 edition, these charts are drawn with both price scales. For example, the ¥en per US$ and the US$ per ¥en scales are both shown on V11g.

Australian Dollar, weekly, 1913
British Pound, weekly, 1875
Canadian Dollar, weekly, 1913
French Franc, weekly, 1875
German Mark, weekly, 1875
German Mark, weekly, 1950
Japanese ¥en, weekly, 1913
Mexican Peso, weekly, 1919
Dutch Guilder, weekly, 1875
New Zealand Dollar, weekly, 1913
South African Rand, weekly, 1913
Swiss Franc, weekly, 1875
Due to Germany's hyperinflation, we have chosen two views of the German Mark. One to illustrate that hyperinflation and one to show the post WWII currency (a flat line on the long term chart).

These are all one panel, landscape charts. The price scales are all logarithmic.

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