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Volume 13 – Precious Metals

Totally Revised
December 1996

Gold (in US$), weekly, 1875
Gold (London PM fix), daily, 1968
Palladium (in US$), mixed, 1972
Platinum (in US$), mixed, 1910 more history added in March 1997
Silver (in US Dollars), weekly, 1875
Gold / Silver Index (XAU), daily , 1979
XAU / Gold Ratio, daily, 1979
Gold / Silver Ratio, weekly, 1875
Platinum / Gold Ratio, weekly, 1910 more history added in March 1997
These nine charts are one panel, landscape charts with logarithmic price scales.

Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Gold (all in US$), mixed, 1910
Gold Price (in Swiss Francs, German Marks, British Pounds and Japanese ¥en), weekly, 1968
Gold Price (in South African Rand, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars and US Dollars), weekly, 1968
These three charts, are portrait, comparable log scaled charts.

This volume was entirely revised in December 1996.

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