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Volume 15 – Inflation Adjusted

Inflation can distort a chart. In this volume, we have removed the effects of inflation by dividing by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Removing the effect of inflation allows the reader to see the growth in purchasing power of an investment. If your investment is up 50%, but the CPI is up 100%, your purchasing power is down 25% (and that ignores taxes that have to be paid on the gains that are due that are a result of that inflation).

Dow Jones Industrials (constant dollar), Weekly, 1885
Dow Jones Transportation (constant dollar), Weekly, 1897
Dow Jones Utilities (constant dollar), Weekly, 1929
Standard & Poor's 500 (constant dollar), Weekly, 1928
NASDAQ Composite (constant dollar), Daily, 1963
Copper (constant dollar), weekly, 1875-96
Silver (constant dollar), weekly, 1875
Gold (constant dollar), weekly, 1875
Moody's Aaa Yields (Real Yields), weekly, 1914
Moody's Baa Yields (Real Yields), weekly, 1919
3 month U.S. Treasury Bill Yields (Real Yields), weekly, 1941
10 year U.S. Treasury Bond Yields (Real Yields), weekly, 1941
Real Yields are nominal yields minus the inflation rate (annual percent change of CPI).

These are all one panel, landscape charts. The real yields are drawn on arithmetic scales. The rest of the charts use logarithmic scales. Includes six pages of explanatory notes with sources for the data. There is an extensive discussion of the history of the U.S. gold price in this century.

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