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Volume 16 – Coppock Curves

The Market Technicians Association gave Edwin Sedgewick Coppock its annual award for a lifetime of achievement in technical analysis in 1989. He published the formula for the Coppock Curve (or Coppock Guide) in Barron’s in 1962. He applied a front-weighted smoothing to an average of two momentums to produce an oscillator that was designed to identify significant bottoms in the stock market. It has proven to be remarkably resistant to whipsaws.

Interpreting Coppock Curves

Dow Jones Industrials
Dow Jones Transports
Dow Jones Utilities
Standard & Poor's 500
Moody's Aaa Bond Yield
Copper (in US$)
Silver (in US$)
Gold (in US$)
British Pound (in US$)
German Mark (in US$)
Japanese ¥en (in US$)
Swiss Franc (in US$)
Chart V16h, Coppock Curve of Gold (4kb) The upper line depicts the gold price, while the lower line depicts the Coppock Curve of gold based on monthly average prices.

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Other examples of Coppock Curves can be seen at:
Volume 23 – World CPIs
Volume 24 – Commodities (Grains & Softs)
Volume 25 – Commodities (Metals)

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The charts in this volume are all based on monthly average values, and all begin in 1960. These are all two panel, portrait charts. Both panels are drawn on logarithmic scales. The upper (larger) panel shows the item being studied, and the lower (smaller) panel shows its Coppock Curve. The notes describe the method of calculation in detail.

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