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Volume 21 – World Stock Markets

This volume surveys nine of the world's stock markets. First, the commonly known stock indexes are shown in local currency, converted to US$ and with the relative strength line (US$ index versus the S&P 500) on a comparable log scale chart. This allows you to quickly determine how the market looks to an investor in its home country and to a US investor. The relative strength line quickly tells you whether the market is outperforming the S&P 500.

Australia – All-Ordinaries, daily, 1980
Canada – TSE 300, daily, 1976
France – CAC 40, daily, 1989
Germany – Commerzbank, daily, 1962
Hong Kong – Hang Seng, daily, 1982
Japan – Nikkei, daily, 1966
Mexico – IPC, daily, 1987
Singapore – Straits Times, daily, 1975
United Kingdom – FTSE 100, daily, 1984
These nine are all portrait, comparable log scale charts.

Chart V21d, Commerzbank Index (DM, US$ & relative to S&P 500), December 1996 (4kb) The top line shows the Commerzbank Index (in German Marks), as it looks to a German investor.

The middle line shows the Commerzbank Index (in US$) as it looks to a US investor.

The bottom line shows the Commerzbank Index (US$) divided by the S&P 500. This relative strength line tells an investor (in any currency) which market is doing better.

Incidentally, the DAX is a total-return (minus taxes) index. That's why we've used the Commerzbank Index here.

This is a 4kb thumbnail!
It would take
over sixty full SVGA screens to show the detail on one Topline chart.

The real charts look much better than these thumbnails.

Three Comparable Log Scaled Charts
These three charts compare the Global Financial Data Long-Term Stock Indexes of the same nine countries. These indexes are all denominated in US dollars.
Resource based (Mexico, Canada & Australia), 1901
European (France, United Kingdom & Germany), 1900
Pacific (Hong Kong, Singapore & Japan), 1914

This volume was introduced in the December 1996 edition.

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