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Click any of the volume titles below to see a list of charts are in that volume.
Many volume listings offer a chart to download (Adobe Acrobat PDF format).

  • Volume 1: US Stock Indexes
  • Volume 2: S&P
  • Volume 3: Above or Below (10 & 30 week MAs, Chartcraft)
  • Volume 4: Advisory Sentiment (Chartcraft)
  • Volume 5: Stock Market Breadth
  • Volume 6: McClellan Oscillator
  • Volume 7: Normalized McClellan
  • Volume 8: Dow Jones Sectors
  • Volume 9: Different Look at Stocks
  • Volume 10: U.S. Interest Rates
  • Volume 11: Currencies
  • Volume 12: Cross Rates
  • Volume 13: Precious Metals
  • Volume 14: Money, Inflation & GDP
  • Volume 15: Inflation Adjusted (CPI)
  • Volume 16: Coppock Curves
  • Volume 17: vs Long-Term MA
  • Volume 18: vs Short-Term MA
  • Volume 19: Relative Looks
  • Volume 20: Comparable Log Scale
  • Volume 21: World Stock Markets
  • Volume 22: World Interest Rates
  • Volume 23: World CPIs
  • Volume 24: Commodities (Grains & Softs)
  • Volume 25: Commodities (Metals)
  • Volume 26: Commodities (Energy)
  • Volume 27: Commodities (Indexes)
  • Volume 28: World Economies
  • Volume 29: US Demographics & Employment
  • Volume 30: US Consumer Price Indexes
  • There's a lot of information in 360 charts, so it ships with a Table of Contents and Index. These are also available here for download.

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