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Who's Ian McAvity?

I'm not an expert on Adobe Acrobat*, and I don't have the newsletter in electronic format. So, I attempted to scan pages four and five from the January 18, 2000 issue of Ian McAvity's DELIBERATIONS on World Markets into PDF format. Unfortunately, that creates a fairly large file (275 KB). Also, this is a scan, so it is not as clear as in the original newsletter.

 DelibCharts.PDF (250 KB) Adobe Acrobat of pages four and five of the January 18, 2000 issue. That was the second half of the two-part year-end forecast issue. Note that Ian McAvity was drawing the comparison two months before the NASDAQ top!

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MS Internet Explorer users: If you right-click the file name, you will get a choice to view or download the file.
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You will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader, it's a free download from Adobe.

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* John Carder, the guy to blame  for anything wrong around here <grin>.

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