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ONE-SERIES CHARTS: The base price of a single data series chart is $25 and includes standard options – scalings, smoothings, labels and lines.

MULTIPLE-SERIES, COMPARABLE LOG & OVERLAY CHARTS: Charts are available in a variety of formats with multiple data series sharing the same time axis. The base price is $25 for the first series and $10 for each additional series.

RE-DRAWS: Additional views of the same chart in the same order receive a 25% discount. For example, a chart with a log scale might have a re-draw with an arithmetic scale.

DATA: Most charts are drawn directly from our large database. If you want a series we do not have, we obtain it and pass the vendor's fee directly to you. Time required to search for, import or clean data is billed as research time. We do not sell data.

RESEARCH: Most charts do not require research, but in the event that your project does, the hourly rate of $150 will be charged. You will pay only for the time needed, even if it's less than the estimate.

MINIMUM ORDER: A $100 minimum is required for all orders. The $100 minimum is waived for retainer accounts.

RETAINER ACCOUNTS: A deposit of $200 or more will establish a retainer account. Retainer accounts with positive balances may place an order for less than $100, with a $5 shipping fee. If you order charts frequently, this can be much more economical for you.

DISCOUNTS: Large or repetitive orders may qualify for a quantity discount.

SHIPPING/DELIVERY: Complimentary fax transmission, acceptable for most newsletters, is the recommended method. There is no charge for Priority Mail. Federal Express will be billed at cost. Overseas delivery via Global Priority Mail (where available) will include a $5 shipping charge.

PAYMENT: Payment to Topline Investment Graphics is due upon receipt. We will accept soft dollars from institutional customers.

RUSH ORDERS: Basic orders are typically processed within 48 to 72 hours. In the event that you require an immediate or 24-hour turn-around, a 100% rush premium will be charged. Orders placed in advance for specific dates will not be charged a premium.

The easiest way to find out the cost of a job is to call (303) 440-0157 and describe your requirements. We'll provide an estimate at no charge, plus suggestions that may save you money.


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