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Topline has offered custom charts since 1988. You've seen Topline charts in many financial publications, ranging from newsletters to corporate annual reports. Alan Abelson ran one in his May 5th, 1997 column in Barron's. If you need a simple chart of copper prices during the Great Depression to help you make an investment decision, Topline can draw it. If your company needs a complex 35mm slide presentation for your next financing, Topline can create it.

Topline provides custom charting services to portfolio managers, investment advisors, investor relations officers and individual investors.

We have the data
With access to millions of data series, we've probably got what you want to see drawn. If we don't have it, we know how to find it.

We know the data
We specialize in financial markets, so you don't have to explain to us what a P/E ratio is.

We can manipulate the data
We can combine the data in any way that you can describe.
If you can describe a calculation, we can calculate it.

We know how to reveal the data
Financial graphics are based on large amounts of complex data. We design charts that make those data sets coherent, without distortion.

We can draw it
Our proprietary software was designed for one purpose — to draw meaningful charts of financial data. Its unprecedented flexibility does not limit our designs to the choices of "off-the-shelf" software used by traditional graphic artists.
If you can describe a concept, we can design a chart to illustrate it.

Topline can help you to:

Research markets
We've got the data, software and ability to help you to look for the relationship that you suspect is there.

Get your message across to your customers
No matter how good your idea is, you won't benefit from it until your customers understand it. We specialize in coming up with that simple picture that makes it obvious to them.

At Topline, we've been down these roads many times before. Let us save you time and wasted effort.

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