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Charts can convey a lot of information in a single picture.

One 8" by 11" chart 600 dot per inch chart (with a " margin) contains 30,240,000 pixels (dots that can be turned on and off).
One SVGA monitor (800x600) contains 480,000 pixels.
A single paper chart has the capacity to contain sixty three SVGA screens.

At Topline, we believe that you should give the reader as much of the information as you can. So, unlike most computer software, our charts can contain over 32,000 data points per series and up to a dozen data series per chart.

A Classic Example: The DJIA in 1987

Many charts of the Dow Jones Industrials that show the 1987 crash use weekly closes. On these charts, the December bottom is below the October bottom. If you look at a long-term daily chart of the DJIA, you'll see that the October bottom was below the December bottom. Because the October low did not occur on a Friday, it is not there on the weekly chart. At Topline we don't think that removing information from a chart helps the viewer to understand the data better.

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